Birds Are Listening, 202

Birds Are Listening,  9" x 12", mixed-media collage using junk mail and ink


Double Totem, 2021

Primeval Spaces, 2021

Primeval Spaces, 2021, a public art commission for the City of Kent

Still See You, 2021

Still See You, 2021- a covid memorial artwork

Agua Sagrada, 2021

Agua Sagrada, 2021

Pilgrimage, 2019, Issaquah Salmon Days artwork

Ancestral Passage, digital drawing

Ancestral Passage, 2019, exhibited at billboard size during"Embracing Our Differences" 2019

Freaky Tiki, an illustration

Freaky Tiki, 2019

Paradise Motel, 2019

Lets Dance, digital drawing

Let's Dance, 2020

SkyDance GARDEN GLOBE, an illustration

SkyDance, 2021

Power of Sisters, 2019,a public art commission for

the City of Issaquah

Summer High, a digital drawing

High Summer, 2019