Each artwork is a limited edition museum-quality, hand-signed  archival print on hot press rag paper.

. Please contact me for size options and pricing.

The Promise, 2019, mixed media digital d

The Promise, 10" x 10"

digital mixed media, 2019

Relentles Slumber, digital mixed media

Relentless Slumber, 12" x 12"

digital mixed media, 2020

Screens 24/7/365.jpg

Screens 24/7/365, 30" x 20"

digital mixed  media, 2018

The Visitation, digital mixed media

The Visitation, 12" x 12"

digital mixed media, 2020

Rise, 2019, mixed media digital drawing.

Rise, 24" x 24"

digital mixed media,2019


Last Fall II, 30" x 20"

digital mixed  media, 2018

Plants Speak to Me, 2018

Plants Speak to Me, 9" x 13"

digital mixed  media, 2018

Too Close, digital mixed media

Too Close, 24" x 24"

digital mixed  media, 2020

CatSpirit, mixed media, 16 x 20

Cat Spirit, 16" x 20"

digital mixed  media, 2018

Deep Dive

Deep Dive, 24" x 24"

digital mixed media, 2019

Origins, a digital drawing about an alte

Origins, 16" x 10"

digital mixed  media, 2019

Stasis, a digital mixed media drawing

Stasis, 12" x 12"

digital mixed  media, 2019

Night Stalker, 2018, mixed media digital

Night Stalker, 20"x 30"

digital mixed  media, 2018

Divining Light and Dark, 2019

Divining Light and Dark, 24" x 24"

digital mixed  media, 2019

The Bad Seed, 2018, mixed media digital

The Bad Seed, 30" x 18"

digital mixed  media, 2018

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