Johanna Porter Visual + Graphic Artist

I have over 30 years

of experience creating imaginative, memorable artwork.

I have always made art. I approach my work in the studio as therapy- to examine social, spiritual, environmental and political issues through the lens of my internal microscope. What results are visual allegories sourcing a repository of organic shapes and animal symbolism.


My dreams and subconscious drive the work forward in unexpected ways. Each piece starts as a photo or drawing on paper where I can process raw emotions. I then begin to digitally draw and add layers of color and form, slowly building until the underlying drawing is like a dream that is forgotten upon waking.

My current toolkit includes my sketchbook, ink pens, an intuos tablet, iphone, Macbook Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, art paper and various adhesives. Working digitally, I can travel and work anywhere which gives me freedom to explore places and cultures. All my artwork is tagged PICTURESWITHIN"


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