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Innate Blue Pearl, mixed-media assemblage

INNATE BLUE PEARL, 37" x 57", recycled and salvaged materials on fabric

COALESCENT, 39" x 51.5" x 2", 2023, recycled and salvaged materials on fabric

A WAY THROUGH, 22.5" x 30", recycled and salvaged materials on Arches paper

Tango Estrella, mixed-media assemblage

TANGO ESTRELLA, 48" x 48", 2023

salvaged fabric, thread, beads, papers and ink on linen

Media Luna, mixed-media assemblage

MEDIA LUNA, 48" x 48", 2023

salvaged fabric, thread and beads on linen

Colony, mixed-media

COLONY, 44" x 36" x 2.75", 2023

recycled and salvaged fabrics, thread and beads with found objects

Optic Nerve, mixed-media assemblage


45" x 20 x 2.5"", 2023

recycled, salvaged and found materials

SECRET COVE, 11" x 11", 2023

gouache and copper ink on paper

This Mortal Coil, 2022

THIS MORTAL COIL, 19" x 24", 2022

recycled prints, acrylic, book pages, junk mail on paper

Over, Under, Thru, mioxed-media

OVER, UNDER, THRU, 10' x 10", 2023

thread on archival pigment print

Wanderlust, 2022

WANDERLUST, 16" x 20", 2022

ink gouache and salvaged fabrics on paper

LO-FI FANFARE IN AQUA, 12" x 12", 2023

recycled junk mail and ink on archival pigment print

Underbrush, 2022

UNDERBRUSH, 14" x 14", 2022

recycled prints, book pages, papers and rust on paper

METHUSELAH,  20" x 20", 2022

recycled junk mail and gouache on paper

TORPOR STATE,  12" x 12", 2022

recycled prints on paper

Copyright © 2023 Johanna Porter All rights reserved. 

No images may be copied or used for any purpose without consent of the artist.

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